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Wd Agreement

1. merger or dissolution of a business: in the event of a merger in which the company is not the surviving company, in the event of consolidation or transfer of all or substantially of all the assets of the company, the company cedes this agreement and its benefits to a person, association or company that acquires all or part of its assets as an entity or company in which it is to be merged or consolidated. At the time of this assignment, the company will be unconditionally relieved of all its obligations and obligations in connection with this assignment if the assignee expressly and unconditionally assumes and fulfills all the obligations and obligations of the company under this agreement or if the executive refuses to accept such an assignment. In addition, in the case of such a transfer, the duration of this agreement is extended by three full years. Such an extension of the term of this agreement comes into effect on the date of the transfer or merger. The sublicensing agreements include a couple of patents that WD has granted since 2011 to the Carnegie Institution of Washington. The first Carnegie patent – 6,858,078 – includes CVD diamonds that are grown with microwave plasma. The second (RE41,189) includes the use of a high-pressure, high-temperature and incandescent (HPHT) treatment to visually improve the color and clarity of the diamond. If, as a result of a change of control, the Executive is terminated for no reason, but for the duration of the agreement, the Executive receives an amount equal to three times its average gross salary, including bonuses, for the five years immediately preceding termination (or a shorter period during which the executive services provided services to the company), net of the sum of $100.00. Under no circumstances do these payments exceed the limits set out in section 280GG (d) (2) of the internal income code. M7D Corp., which is WD Lab Grown Diamonds, announced that it has entered into patent sublicensing agreements with laboratory-grown diamond sellers ALTR (India) Private Limited, ALTR Inc and Evolution Diamond. 11. Full agreement: this agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties.

It replaces all other written or written agreements between the parties regarding the company`s employment of executives. Each party to this Agreement recognizes that no promise, inducement, promise or oral or other agreement has been given by a party or person acting on behalf of a party that is not embodied and that no other agreement, declaration or commitment that is not included in this Agreement is valid or binding.